7 Ways to Volumize Hair With a Blow Dryer

7 ways to volumize hair with blow dryerStraight hair typically seems limp and lack volume. One great way to add quantity to your hair is the blow dry it. But there are particular ‘guidelines’ to comply with, in any other case, you’d find yourself with with a fair flatter hair than you began with.

When you have thick hair, the hot button is not to add quantity however to guarantee that the amount your hair comes with is just not messy. Thick hair often comes with frizz and dryness, and that’s one thing you could resolve with a hair dryer.

If you understand these vital ideas, you may simply tame your thick tresses and make them look clean, bouncy, and sure, superbly voluminous:

How to add quantity to hair with blow dryer:

1. Before you blow dry, be certain your hair is ‘prepared.’

It’s vital to use the best shampoo and conditioner in your hair kind even earlier than you blow dry your hair. This will put together it for the styling course of. There are shampoo and conditioner variants that add extra volume to the hair, and you can also make use of this as effectively. Before drying, you even have to just be sure you towel dry your hair and that each one the surplus moisture is gone. Aside from this, you also needs to take away all of the tangles beforehand with a wide-toothed comb and apply protecting hair drying lotion. Some volumizing mousse can even do the trick.

2. Dry with braids.

One trick that may add quantity is to break up your hair into two (down the middle) and make easy braids on either side. You ought to do the braiding when your hair continues to be a little bit damp. Blow dry your hair whereas the braids are nonetheless on, after which take away the braids once you’re finished. Once the braids are out, your hair may have a little quantity and even some added curl for texture.

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3. Do the flip.

Another approach to immediately add quantity is to flip your head and goal the airflow of the hair dryer to your roots. Dry your hair whereas your head is on this place, after which you may run your fingers by it once you’re finished. You can nonetheless use a brush and nonetheless part your hair even when drying it on this approach. As quickly as you restore your head to its upright place, you’ll see that your hair has instantaneous quantity and a textured, “tough” look.

Here’s a video displaying you ways:

4. Work in sections.

When blow drying thick and lengthy hair, you want to divide your hair into sections to be sure that all elements of your hair are dried evenly. By dividing your hair into sections and dealing on these sections individually, you construct up quantity as you progress from one part of the hair to the opposite. It’s additionally best to start on the backside whereas the remainder of the sections are held up utilizing clips. If you don’t work in sections, you’ll ship up with hair that’s inconsistent and frizzy.

5. Use a good brush.

hair drying method is to brush by the underside of your hair when you’re aiming the blow dryer at it. For this, you have to a good quality round brush as a result of the comb will work hand in hand along with your blow dryer. This will assist outline the form and quantity of your hair, and you may even make your hair appear like there’s a curl on the ends by spinning the comb in that half. You even have to just be sure you’re utilizing the proper of brush that’s actually made for styling.

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6. Mind the temperature.

If you set your hair dryer too scorching, you would set off frizz and your hair is not going to look as good. The secret is to be blow drying your hair when you’re on the lowest of all the warmth settings out there, and when your hair is sort of finished you may flip the warmth up a bit. Before you full the hair drying session, a good chilly shot can even assist seal the moisture and lock in the style.

7. Ready, SET, go.

Just like once you use curling irons or curlers, you want to enable your hair to set once you use a hair dryer. Say you’re working in sections and with a good brush. You want to enable your hair to dry earlier than letting go of the comb in order that the part has fully set and the gorgeous form that you’ve got set it for shall be retained. If you don’t give your hair sufficient time to set, the amount received’t be retained and it’ll not look as good.

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