3 Quietest Hair Dryers Measured in Decibel

Other than heating aspect (ceramic), ionic, energy (watts) and airflow (m3/ hour), and weigh, chances are you’ll decide your first hairdryer for his or her calmness and listed below are the quietest hair dryers in line with their noise stage.


Ion Whisper Quiet Lite Ionic – Ceramic Hair Dryer

Ion Whisper Quiet as its title signifies this hair dryer is for many who are fairly delicate listening to.


Dyson supersonic hairdryer

Either utilizing noise stage app on telephone or sound meter we have been capable of get 79 decibels at a distance of 15 cm.


MHU Professional Salon Grade

Most professional hair dryers are quieter than common dryers you might discover available on the market, however this MHU hair dryer’s loudness stage is considerably akin to skilled instruments.


What is a decibel (“dB”)?

A decibel (dB) is a unit of measurement of sound depth. The increased the dB is, the extra you’re feeling it noisy.

The dB is zero when the sound stage is the same as the reference stage, since dB calculated = log(sound stage/reference stage) = log(1) = 0

The dB can get the damaging values for instance -2 when the sound stage is decrease than the reference stage 100 instances. (dB = log(1/100) = -2)

If you’re uncovered to noise stage over 85dB for a lengthy time frame chances are you’ll find yourself in listening to impairment.


How to measure the noise stage of a hairdryer

Most industrial Digital Sound Level Meter (vary 30 – 130dB) can measure the noise from a hairdryer.

The meter is positioned in the identical distance (6 inches for instance) to the hairdryer as it’s closed to your ears whereas performing blow-drying. The noise stage relies on the space between the sound meter and the supply of the sound.

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You may measure the noise stage by App (iOS, Android) however that is much less correct than utilizing noise stage meter.


For some individuals who is delicate to the sound, the noise stage issues

Some hair dryer’s noise ranges when operated can go over 90 dB. Typically from 85dB to 95dB. Human’s ears are in a consolation zone with sound, whose noise stage is lower than 85dB.

If you in a closed room and use hair dryer very often, hearing those noises may be stressful, it’s higher to select quieter merchandise.

The noise stage at its peak when the hairdryer is ready on its highest setting.


For your references listed below are different fashions and their noise stage

Model Noise Level
GHD Air Dryer 103dB
Ion Whisper Quiet Lite Ionic 80dB
Dyson supersonic hairdryer 79dB
MHU Professional Salon Grade 85dB
Dyson AirWrap 82dB


Other fashionable quiet hair dryers:


If you typically do deep conditioning, tender bonnet or hooded laborious hat hair dryers have a lot decrease noise ranges.

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