How to Use Hair Rollers The Right Way

Hair rollers could seem to be an previous washed-up manner your grandmother used to curl her hair, however they’re nonetheless far more helpful than you may suppose. Curling irons and wands are extra trendy strategies we see in the present day, however trendy doesn’t at all times imply higher.


Types of Hair Rollers

There are three major varieties of hair rollers, and every one has sure benefits over the others. You ought to select which to use based mostly in your routines and once you need to apply the rollers to your hair.

Foam Hair Rollers

Foam Hair Rollers

Foam hair rollers are simplistic and are often used for in a single day curling. They are additionally helpful in case your hair is especially fragile, as there’s nothing to your strands to get snagged on and pulled out.


Hot Hair Rollers

Hot Hair Rollers

Hot hair rollers provides you with the quickest outcomes of the three. It combines the advantages of the curling irons with the power to multitask of the hair rollers. Just look ahead to the rollers to cool in your hair, and also you’ll be good to go! Check out a few of the best rollers for natural hair.


Velcro Hair Rollers

Hot Hair Rollers

Velcro hair rollers are essentially the most conventional of all of them. They get the job achieved pretty rapidly and usually work best when used along with a quantity spray. If you’re not in a rush and don’t really feel like attempting it the night time earlier than, velcro hair rollers are your best guess.

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How to Use Hair Rollers

How to Curl Hair Using Hair Rollers

It could appear daunting staring on the large pack of rollers in entrance of you, however the course of is simple and painless. The steps could fluctuate barely relying on the kind of hair curler you selected, however determining how to use hair rollers is an extremely straightforward activity.

Step 1: Prepare Your Hair

If you’re utilizing the new hair rollers, you want to plug them in earlier than this step in order that they’ll start heating up.

Make positive your hair is washed earlier than you begin curling it. Use shampoo and conditioner earlier than permitting it to dry till it’s barely damp. Be positive to additionally spray your hair with a warmth protectant earlier than utilizing the new hair rollers.

You ought to both have it straightened beforehand or be prepared to brush out the tangles and knots earlier than you begin to use the rollers.


Step 2: Roll It Up

Take a one-inch part of hair and place your curler on the finish. Roll it up in direction of your roots by winding the hair across the curler. Once the curler is securely in place, simply rinse and repeat till your hair is totally rolled.


Step 3: Wait for Results

This is the step the place you may go off and do different issues whilst you wait. Hot and velcro hair rollers gained’t take too lengthy, so simply get a chore out of the best way or end making ready for the day whilst you wait.

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Foam hair rollers take a number of hours to set in, which is why they’re usually used earlier than mattress. For the sake of consolation, you have to be ready to sleep in your abdomen.

Watch the next video tutorial to learn the way to use hair rollers to curl your hair.


Rollers Vs. Curling Irons

On the floor, it could seem to be curling irons are the higher choice in each manner. It does have its benefits over hair rollers, however there’s a purpose why the seemingly old school rollers are nonetheless in use in the present day.

Curling irons require your full consideration to curl your hair, and you may solely achieve this one part at a time. Your arms may also get drained rapidly, having to maintain the heavier curling iron in place whereas it really works its magic in your hair.

Hair rollers could take a bit longer general, however the wait time can be utilized for a lot of different issues. You can apply make-up, watch a television present, or any variety of busy duties all through the home now that your palms are free. They additionally do far much less harm to your hair than scorching irons.


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