How to Use a Hair Dryer Diffuser

Diffusers are sometimes designed to be bowl formed, measure a number of inches of their diameter, and have finger-like prongs which lengthen from their heart to allow them to separate hair strands to dry untouched in some sections. Some fashions have shapes that resemble socks. All diffusers, no matter their form, are attachable to any blow dryer’s finish and is used individually or mixed with styling instruments and brushes.

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Anyone could profit from diffusing however none greater than these with wavy or curly hair since utilizing a dryer on curly or wavy locks will likely be disastrous and worsens frizz. Diffusers disperse no matter air is used and doesn’t create frizz or interrupt the pure waves or curls.

Here are some tips about how to use a diffuser accurately so you’ll be able to receive most outcomes:

  • Towel-dry your hair and apply the product of your selection. Serum, gels, mousses, and leave-in conditioners are excellent for waves and curls.
  • Attach the diffuser to the blow dryer, set it on a low – or cool – temperature. A decrease temperature is usually gentler on hair.
  • Using a round movement, slowly therapeutic massage your scalp utilizing the diffuser’s prongs. If your mannequin has no prongs, cradle your hair in a single hand.
  • Work slowly towards the guidelines or ends by scooping your hair towards your scalp with it readily available. Hold every part for a few seconds earlier than you launch it.
  • Move on to the subsequent part till you’ve labored all sections. Lock within the fashion that you really want, spray your head throughout with a light hairspray and provides it a cool air shot.
  • Remember not to apply silicone-based or alcohol merchandise in case your hair is curly as a result of this mixture can over-dry your hair.
  • Let your diffuser do its job; don’t contact your hair if you end up diffusing it as a result of it should create frizz and trigger your curls to loosen. However, when you’ve got straight lock and also you need to make it wavy, you should use it in a circular motion to encourage waves.
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Diffusing would require endurance from you and whereas it could typically be a tough course of, it all the time leads to gorgeous-looking mane. Practice make excellent, in accordance to the previous adage, and in the event you work on perfecting full-bodied and voluminous hairstyles sans the frizz, you may be a professional at diffusing in a jiffy.

Note that every sort serves a function that’s completely different from one other. And not all dryers include each diffuser sort. Incidentally, most models are manufactured to match a particular blow dryer mannequin. There are some common varieties, although, which have particularly manufactured to be the companion of a blow dryer.

Some of those diffuser varieties embrace the next:

  1. Mitt/Sock: an excellent travel companion, that is made from mesh that’s warmth resistant. This is appropriate with almost each mannequin of spherical brush hair dryer mannequin.
  2. Flat Vented: used to shut the cuticles to seal in moisture and shine whereas hair is being dried and in locks that has been newly coloured to lock within the colour.
  3. Finger/Massaging: Also referred to as the volumising diffuser attachment, that is essentially the most ubiquitous of the lot and used primarily to add volume to and raise the hair.

When utilizing a diffuser, set your dryer on low to medium warmth since excessive warmth may cause it to overeat. Remember to preserve your dryer in fixed motion and never simply enable it to proceed on one and identical part repeatedly. If you want quantity within the space close to the scalp, use a few duckbill clips to maintain it there. Never use a brush or comb instantly after diffusing as a result of it should solely create extra frizz.

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