How to Straighten Hair Perfectly At Home: Tips and Tricks

straight hair

Love a straight, modern look? Tired of coping with straightening periods that make your hair frizz again up inside a matter of hours and even minutes? Whether you might have curly, wavy, or kinky hair, and even straight hair that you simply actually need to make bone straight, right here’s a easy information on how to straighten hair that’ll assure you these outcomes you’re in search of.

Before you begin straightening hair, you will have:

  • A large-tooth comb
  • A fine-tooth comb
  • Heat protectant spray, lotions or serums.
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Blow dryer
  • Serum
  • Flat iron – Hair Straightener or different hair instruments
  • Oil of your selection (non-obligatory)

Hair merchandise labeled “smoothing” might assist your hair strands by offering moisture and make hair simpler to straighten. Now that you simply’ve bought all the pieces you want to begin the method, let’s go on to the 1st step!


Wash, situation and deep situation your hair nicely

washing hair

You don’t have to wash your hair on the identical day that you simply straighten it, however a day earlier than it’s ultimate. Straightening produces the most effective outcomes when it’s executed on clear hair. Clean your hair as you often do, whether or not you shampoo or co-wash.

If you’re shampooing, it’s best that you simply use a mild, sulfate-free shampoo in your hair. Normal sulfate shampoos strip the hair of an excessive amount of of its pure oils, leaving it dry, tangled and broken, susceptible to warmth harm. Make positive you clear your hair nicely, leaving no traces of filth or product residue behind.

Condition with a fantastic rinse-out conditioner. Ones with silicone are nice to start the method of defending your hair from the warmth of the hair straightener. Optional, however a fantastic tip: comb your hair out when it’s lined in conditioner or deep conditioner. It’ll make the method rather a lot smoother, however you can too do it in a while, if you want.

It’s additionally really useful that you simply deep situation your hair. Adding moisture earlier than blow-drying is essential to nice outcomes, so slather on that deep conditioner or masks and sit beneath a hooded dryer for about fifteen minutes.

Protein is particularly vital earlier than and after utilizing warmth, as warmth destroys protein within the hair. Use a medium to heavy protein remedy a few week earlier than straightening your hair to up your hair’s defenses.

When you’re executed, dry your hair. Here’s a tip: utilizing an previous t-shirt works very well and leaves you frizz-free! Just wrap the t-shirt round your hair and safe it, leaving it for about fifteen minutes to make sure that a lot of the water has been soaked up.

After you are taking your hair out of the t-shirt, it’ll nonetheless be damp. At this level, you’ll be able to go on to the subsequent step.


Add leave-in conditioner and warmth protectant to your hair

Leave-ins are nice for offering moisture and slip to the hair for styling ease. Add your favourite leave-in conditioner to your hair. Concentrate on the ends of your hair, as a result of as we all know, these are the oldest and essentially the most inclined to drying out.

When you’re executed, use a high-quality warmth protectant spray to coat your hair. It’s higher to work in sections with the intention to guarantee that all your hair is sufficiently protected.

Here’s what you are able to do: divide your hair in half, then every half into two. If your hair is thick or kinky, chances are you’ll want to divide it into even smaller sections, however for fine-haired women, this ought to be sufficient.

Holding the warmth spray about 5 inches out of your head, spray every part till it’s lined. It shouldn’t be dripping with warmth protectant, however it is best to make certain that it’s absolutely lined with the spray. Then, transfer on to the subsequent step.


Comb out your hair with a wide-tooth comb

To keep away from mess and tangles in a while, it’s best to comb out your hair now, when it’s damp and has product in it. Taking your wide-tooth comb, begin on the ends of your hair and work your manner up.

It’s a standard mistake to begin on the roots and come down, however while you do that, you’re pulling all of the tangles down your hair strands and creating extra tangles and knots.

When you begin on the backside, you’ll be able to assault tangles as you encounter them, and forestall harm and snagging. Don’t comb large sections at a time, particularly in case your hair is curly or kinky, as an alternative, take medium-sized sections and deal with them gently.

If you combed out your hair within the bathe, you’ll solely want to run via it briefly once more at this step. Make positive that no knots or tangles are left in your hair – this can solely trigger stress when blow-drying!


Apply serum or a pure oil to your hair

applying serum on hair

Serums are nice for giving your hair shine and smoothness. It’s essential to apply it earlier than you blow dry and not after, in order that the product could be pressed into the hair by the warmth from the blow-dryer reasonably than simply positioned on high of the follicles to provide you with a weighed down, greasy look.

You don’t want a lot – a dot of serum per quadrant of your hair is ideal for high quality or straight hair. For thicker haired women, two drops could also be essential to absolutely coat your strands.

You may select to apply oil as an alternative of a serum at this step. If you want extra pure, natural merchandise, olive oil or coconut oil is a very sensible choice for a serum alternative. But the identical goes – don’t put an excessive amount of, or you’ll be able to reap greasy and limp flat ironing outcomes. When your serum or oil has been utilized, you’ll be able to transfer on to the blow-drying step.


Blow-dry on cool or medium warmth

drying hair with blow dry

Don’t blow-dry utterly dry hair. It’s best in your hair to be not moist, however not all the way in which dry both. Damp hair works best for blow drying. If your hair is straight, chances are you’ll not want to part it. But for thicker-haired, curly-haired or pure women, that is extraordinarily essential to keep away from tangling and common chaos!

Section your hair related to the way in which you sectioned it to apply the warmth protectant, utilizing clamps or bobby pins to safe the completely different sections. It’s rather a lot simpler to begin on the again and work your manner ahead, so do this and see if it really works for you.

When blow drying, don’t overkill your hair by going over already-dry items of hair an excessive amount of. This will enhance your threat of injury. Instead, use sluggish, regular passes on cool air or medium warmth to dry your hair.

For curly and kinky hair, you might have considered trying your hair stretched as straight as attainable earlier than you straighten. This is okay, however when you’re utilizing excessive and even medium warmth, it is best to do not more than 7 passes on a bit!

When the entire of your hair is dry and/or stretched as you need it, head on to the ultimate step – straightening.


Which hair instrument to straighten your hair

Lots you which you could select from

  • A straightener
  • 2-way rotating iron
  • Straightening brush/comb


Straighten your hair

straightening hair at home

You can select to part your hair into small sections once more, or you’ll be able to go away it as one blown-out part and take items from it as you straighten. Just do what works and is handy and simple for you.

Your hair straightener ought to be a top quality straightener with clear plates, good warmth conducting know-how and a number of warmth settings. With extra warmth settings, you might have extra management on how a lot warmth you set in your hair.

For fine-haired women, both straight or kinky, much less warmth is best in your strands, and you gained’t want as a lot to get your tresses straight. Anywhere from 250F to 300F is ideal for you in case you have high quality hair or even when it’s broken. For wholesome hair of common thickness, anyplace round 350F and a bit larger can deliver you nice outcomes.

For coarse-haired women, although, chances are you’ll want a bit extra warmth – however guarantee that your hair can take it first! If your hair appears to be like fried and limp after one go, decrease the warmth. 380F to 410F offers you nice outcomes.

If your iron is ideal for the job and you’ve chosen your ultimate warmth setting, go on and straighten your hair! Take small sections at a time, of about two inches in width and an inch and a half max in thickness. Clamp the hair straightening flat iron tightly on the root of the part, holding it for about two seconds, and then drag it slowly down the size of the part.

You may even use your fine-tooth comb to do the ‘chase methodology:’ maintain the comb in entrance of the flat iron as you drag it down the part. It detangles and smoothes on the identical time, supplying you with modern outcomes.

Don’t go over a bit greater than thrice max, and don’t maintain the flat iron on the part too lengthy. Doing this will increase your threat of warmth harm. After you’ve executed that part, launch it and transfer on to the others, following the identical course of.

Voila! You’re executed! When you’ve executed all of your sections, you ought to be left with completely straight, shiny and clean tresses which have physique and motion.


The ‘don’ts’ of hair straightening!

There are some things that it is best to by no means, ever do when straightening your hair. You’ll solely find yourself damaging your hair or reaching lower than excellent outcomes!

  • Don’t blow-dry or straighten moist hair – this causes breakage and harm.
  • Don’t blow-dry or straighten soiled hair – this offers you limp, greasy outcomes
  • Don’t skip the conditioning step – conditioner deposit coating brokers that assist defend and soften your hair
  • Don’t skimp on the protein – protein defends your hair from warmth harm and moisture loss
  • Don’t skip the warmth protectant – ever!
  • Don’t blow-dry or straighten tangled hair – it’s a recipe for catastrophe
  • Don’t use an excessive amount of warmth on one part
  • Don’t straighten broken hair. If your hair is already very broken, let’s face it – it isn’t price it. Work on the well being of your hair earlier than making use of warmth to it, as warmth solely makes harm 10 occasions worse.

Once you comply with these steps as directed and be sure to avoid these ‘don’ts,’ you’re positive to have a simple and spectacular straightening course of!

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