How to curl your hair with a flat iron

Using a flat iron is the easiest way to get some curls in your hair. However, it is vital to find out how to use your flat iron correctly so you don’t harm your hair within the course of. Keep in thoughts that you must solely use a flat iron as soon as in a whereas to forestall damages from the warmth.

If you don’t have already got a flat iron, you must look for a quality product. Don’t hesitate to spend extra to get a high quality flat iron. If doable, select a product with a lengthy wire and a few security options.

Flat irons are made for straightening your hair. However, it’s doable to use them to create some curls. It is simpler to create curls with a curling iron and you must take into consideration investing in a curling iron if you need to have curly hair on a common foundation.

Comb your hair fastidiously earlier than getting began. It is simpler to divide your hair in three sections earlier than you curl it. Use a clip to pin a third of your hair within the again and one other clip to pin one other third of your hair on one aspect.

You can then curl the part that’s not pinned. Use a clip to pin this part if you find yourself performed curling it and unpin the subsequent part. This will forestall hair from getting caught within the flat iron.

Do not strive curling a whole part of your hair directly. It is best to curl your hair one small section at a time. Twist a small part of your hair across the flat iron. The whole iron ought to be lined with your hair. Wait for ten seconds earlier than releasing the hair.

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The part you twisted across the iron ought to be curled. If it didn’t work, strive once more. You may want to let your hair across the iron for greater than ten seconds whether it is thick and doesn’t curl simply. Do not go away your hair across the iron for too lengthy or you might harm it.

Move to the subsequent small part till all of the hair that’s not pinned has been curled. You can fluctuate the sizes of the sections you curl to find yourself with curls of various sizes. Once you might be performed curling a third of your hair, pin it with a clip and transfer on to the subsequent part.

Apply some hair mousse as soon as you might be performed curling all your hair. Hair mousse will make the curls last more. You can even add some hair spray to make the curls final even longer. You can take away the curls by washing and blow drying your hair however they need to go away by themselves after a day or two.

This is the easiest way to curl your hair with a flat iron. You ought to look into buying a curling iron if you need to curl your hair extra shortly. Remember not to use an iron too typically or you might harm your hair with the warmth.

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