How to Clean Hair Straightening Brush the Right Way

Perfect for on a regular basis use, straightening brushes may also help you obtain a glossy, skilled coiffure for work and different events.

But how to clear the hair straightening brush and the way usually? Did that micro organism and different particles reminiscent of filth and dirt can construct up between the bristles over time? Unfortunately, micro organism, filth, and dirt can harm your hair and scalp if not recurrently eliminated out of your brush.

Luckily, with a little bit effort, you may find out how to clear straightening brushes to preserve good hair and scalp well being.


How to Clean Your Hair Straightening Brush

Process to Clean Straightening Brush

Similar to cleansing commonplace hair brushes, cleansing a straightening brush requires you to gently take away stray hairs, hair mounds, and sticky build-up from the brush head and in between the bristles.

Some of this residue will likely be seen, however some residue won’t be. Clear residue can create an invisible coating that will require a good quantity of wiping to take away all of it from the brush.

To clear a hair straightening brush, you have to:

  • Washcloth or different tender material
  • Hair comb
  • Cotton swabs (optionally available)
  • Cleaning resolution (optionally available)

Tip: If you need to clear your straightening brush instantly after utilizing it, flip the straightening brush off and unplug it. You ought to wait half-hour or till the straightening brush cools down sufficient for you to contact it.

1: Use your fingers or a comb to take away as a lot hair as attainable.

2: Run a washcloth beneath heat water to dampen. Wipe the brush down with the material to take away any residue. You might have to use cotton swabs to get in between the bristles.

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3: Continue wiping till you take away all residue, matted hair, and different particles from the brush.

Be certain to refer to your proprietor’s guide for recommendation on eradicating stuck-on residue. If the guide recommends utilizing a cleansing resolution, you should purchase one, or you can also make your personal with water and shampoo.

If your proprietor’s guide doesn’t advocate utilizing a cleansing resolution, attempt to take away as a lot residue and hair as you may with the damp material.

Once that is full, wait till the brush is dry earlier than utilizing it, as you can trigger the unit to overheat. And, since you’d by no means use a straightening brush on moist hair, don’t use a moist straightening brush on dry hair as doing so could lead on to hair breakage.

Watch the following tutorial to find out how to clear straightening hair brush.


What Not to Do When Cleaning Straightening Brush

Even although it’s straightforward to clear a straightening brush, it is best to take into account these easy suggestions to make cleansing your brush protected and simple:

  • Don’t use a toothbrush, tweezers, butter knife, fork, or different metallic gadgets to take away residue as you can harm the brush floor.
  • Unplug the brush earlier than cleansing, even when the straightening brush is cool to the contact to forestall damage.
  • If utilizing a cleansing resolution, ensure to wipe off the cleansing resolution fully from the brush to forestall harm to the heating unit.


Reasons to Clean Hair Straightening Brush

Reasons to Clean Straightening Brush

Cleaning straightening brushes recurrently helps reduce residue contact together with your scalp.

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Over time, your straightening brush will gather residue that incorporates hair, scalp oils, filth, mud, and micro organism. Unfortunately, it’s possible you’ll unintentionally deposit a few of this residue onto your scalp, which could lead on to itchiness or an infection.

Residue from straightening brushes may also pull in your hair and enhance breakage each time you utilize the brush. Hair breakage could cause hair to turn out to be boring and lifeless. Over time, your hair will seem limp as an alternative of stylishly straight and healthy-looking.

Also, common brush cleanings forestall the want to make use of cleansing options and cotton swabs to assist take away giant hair clumps. Regular cleanings make sustaining a straightening brush straightforward and fewer time-consuming.


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How Often to Clean Hair Straightening Brush

straightening brush

Ideally, it is best to clear your straightening brush after each use.  But, if pressed for time, attempt to clear it as soon as per week for those who use the brush on daily basis. At the very least, it is best to clear your brush two or thrice a month. Regular brush cleanings assist defend your hair and scalp from harm.


In the End

You take excellent care of your hair. Now it’s time to maintain your hair styling gear. With a little bit effort, you may hold your hair straightening brush clear and prepared for any hairstyling problem.

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