Hair Straightener: Tourmaline vs Titanium and Ceramic

Ceramic and Titanium flat iron hair straighteners are the most typical scorching styling instruments to search out in any lady’s magnificence case.

But in recent times, we’ve discovered plenty of flat irons with the time period TOURMALINE what does it imply and does it trigger much less hair harm than different hot styling tools?

Actually, there is no such thing as a such fabricated from pure tourmaline plate flat iron. Often it’s fused on ceramic or titanium plates. But what your hair actually profit from tourmaline?


Comparison desk: Tourlamine – Ceramic – Titanium

Tourlamine Ceramic Titanium
Intense warmth Average Average
Heat restoration Good Good
Heat distribution Good
Heat up fee Quickly Longer than different varieties Quickly
Durability May break if dropped May break if dropped Rugged, polished floor
Easy to wash Easiest Easiest May want a scorching software cleaner
Ionic era Third Second

Tourmaline in nature – it’s uncommon and costly!



  • Produce far more damaging ions than different forms of materials. The extra flat iron can generate damaging ion, the extra your hair’s look is smooth and sharpening.
    The pure look of hair is when positively charged ions on hair are neutralized by negatively charged ions from the hair straightener.
  • Tourmaline is a uncommon gemstone so tourmaline flat iron is dear and the value is diversified on the standard of the tourmaline fused on the plate.
  • Tourmaline flat irons symbolize the newest and superior in hair straightener expertise
  • Infrared property
  • Because of its profit, the tourmaline is utilized to curling irons, and hair dryers as effectively
  • When fused with titanium or ceramic, it creates a plate that has uniform warmth.
  • It causes much less hair harm like ceramic and heats up as shortly as titanium

If the heating will not be uniform – uneven warmth distribution of the plates, it leaves some a part of your hair sections not straightened as a result of they acquired much less warmth.

Uneven warmth distribution on the flat iron’s plates



Tourmaline Vs Ceramic and their mixture

Ceramic flat irons are sometimes for residence use slightly than professionals, due to the even warmth distribution however the warmth restoration isn’t as fast as Titanium.

It is determined by how usually you employ a hair straightener, for instance, a number of instances every week is quite a bit so it’d be higher to have a ceramic iron as a result of the warmth will not be so intensive that causes repetitive harm to your hair.

Don’t purchase an affordable ceramic flat iron with faulty plates. These plates are coated with a skinny layer of tourmaline, ceramic on every week metallic plate.

Over time, the layer might be worn away and your hair is uncovered to excessive scorching metallic.

Tourmaline ceramic flat iron inherits the benefits of tourmaline and ceramic. You have a software that heats up shortly, causes fewer damages.


My suggestions for tourmaline ceramic flat iron:

For Budget Buyers: Infiniti Pro

This software is constructed with floating plates – a skinny layer that coats on the ceramic and tourmaline. Once this coating wears out or degrades it’s best to cease utilizing it.


For Professionals: CHI Air Expert Classic

CHI Air Expert Classic with high quality plates fabricated from ceramic and tourmaline.


Our Favorite Picks:



Tourmaline Vs Titanium and their mixture

Titanium is metallic so its properties are fully completely different from ceramic and tourmaline. But it is available in second place for ionic sources after tourmaline.

When tourmaline is fused with Titanium to make the flat iron’s plates. The warmth on the plates might be much less intensive – imply no main facet impact.

This can also be particularly helpful in a flat iron because of its property that it may well produce much more damaging ion currents when the flat iron operates. You additionally don’t want to make use of excessive temperature to model your hair.


My suggestions for tourmaline titanium flat iron

Budget: FemJolie Titanium tourmaline plates it makes use of the infrared warmth tech to attenuate the hair harm

Professional: I’ve been trying to do that software nevertheless it appears there are only a few merchandise. I’ll replace this publish as soon as I get it.


Tourmaline is added to ceramic or titanium plates so while you store for a flat iron, the phrases Tourmaline Ceramic and Tourmaline Titanium pop up on the product’s title.

If you continuously model your hair it’d be higher to purchase a Tourmaline flat iron – But for those who all the time hurry within the morning and want a software that shortly transforms your hair that might be a Titanium one.


Some of the best-selling tourmaline titanium and tourmaline ceramic hair straighteners proper now.


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