Everything You Need To Know About Blow Dryer Motor

Like most residence home equipment, the hair dryer runs on a motor. The motor, which is powered by electrical energy, makes the fan spin. This mechanism permits room temperature air to be sucked in by the vents of the hairdryer after which to be blown over the heating coils. The air is heated and compelled out of the pinnacle of the hair dryer in the direction of the hair.

There are 2 varieties of motor out there out there – AC and DC. Hair dryers with AC motor are extensively utilized by hair care professionals, whereas these with DC motor are perfect for residence use. AC motors are bigger and extra highly effective, will last as long as 1,200 hours, and function at a most pace of 6,000 revolutions per minute (rpm). On the opposite hand, DC motors are lighter, will final not more than 700 hours, and have a pace of as much as 2,000 rpm.

The desk beneath lists the variations between AC and DC motors:

Hair dryers that run on AC common motor can obtain high-speed blow drying whereas working on a single-phase energy provide. The draw back of a common motor, nonetheless, is that the hairdryer tends to be bigger, heavier and noisier. A motor producer and provider, Nidec Corporation, recognized the necessity for compact, gentle and energy-efficient hair dryers. To meet this want, the corporate developed an built-in motor known as the brushless DC motor for hair dryer producers. With built-in AC-DC energy provide circuits, this motor is half the burden of a common motor, 25% quicker, and can final 10 occasions longer.

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The energy and pace of a hair dryer, that are main issues within the common client’s buy determination, rely largely on the wattage of the motor. Wattage measures how briskly the motor of the hair dryer will spin to provide heat air. A superb hair dryer has a powerful motor which is able to dry hair quick with out damaging the hair with extreme warmth.

A motor with a excessive wattage will optimize hair dryer efficiency when it comes to pace and airflow. High wattage means better pace, stronger airflow, and extra warmth. In different phrases, the upper the wattage of the motor, the warmer and quicker the hair dryer. Apart from boosting wind energy and decreasing styling time, a motor with excessive wattage has the added benefit of not burning out as rapidly as a motor with low wattage.

A motor of 1,500 watts is good for residence use. One with 1,875 watts gives you quicker drying and styling. It is necessary to notice, nonetheless, that the upper the wattage of the motor, the heavier the hair dryer. If you journey typically, it’s advisable to hold a light-weight hair dryer – one that doesn’t weigh greater than 1 lb. This means you will need to select a hair dryer that has a motor with low wattage – someplace within the vary of 1,200 watts. If you will have lengthy hair, it’s higher to decide on a hair dryer that’s simpler to hold. It takes longer to dry lengthy hair and a light-weight hair dryer won’t provide you with arm fatigue. Therefore, you can purchase a hair dryer that runs on a motor of low wattage.

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If you need to save on electrical energy, then you must go for a hairdryer that makes use of a low wattage motor. High wattage means excessive electrical energy consumption and due to this fact a excessive electrical energy invoice.

Your hair kind may even decide whether or not a excessive or low wattage is acceptable. If you will have thick hair, a hair dryer within the vary of 1,600 and a couple of,000 watts is advisable. For thick and curly hair, a 2,000-watt hair dryer is ideal. People with skinny hair require decrease wattage – someplace within the vary of 1,200 and 1,500 watts. Wattage larger than it will harm skinny hair.

China, Korea, and Italy are well-known makers of hair dryer motors. Italy manufactures titanium AC motors for skilled grade hair dryers of two,200 watts and above. Hong Kong’s Johnson Electric Group added two new fashions of hair dryer motor to its product line. Model U5413-L weighs 225 grams, has a lifespan of 1,000 hours and an influence of 1,875 watts. Model U5413-P weighs 250 grams, has a lifespan of 1,200 hours and an influence of two,000 watts.

Apart from wattage and fatherland, hair dryer motor specs embrace pace, torque, voltage, certification, effectivity, shaft diameter, frequency, part, and output energy. With an growing demand for quicker and lighter hair dryers, producers should choose motors with probably the most favorable mixture of specs.


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