11 Common Hair Myths You Probably Still Believe

There are a shocking variety of tales which you’ve gotten most likely been result in imagine over time about hair care however whereas a few of them are true some are undoubtedly not.

Debunking Some Common Hair Care Myths

Here are a few of the commonest hair care myths and the reality behind them (if there may be any).


#1. Your hair will develop quicker with common trimming

This might be among the finest recognized and oft-repeated tales there may be however is it true? Well, apparently not. Hair grows on common a half-inch every month though it might develop somewhat quicker in the course of the hotter summer season months. Hair will develop on the similar charge with or with out frequent trims however will keep in higher situation with common visits to the hair salon as it is going to take away dry and break up ends.

#2. It’s a good suggestion to swap and alter shampoos to make your hair keep wholesome

Another frequent hair care fable which has no reality in its basis. If you employ the right type of shampoo for your hair it is going to work simply as properly week in, week out, month in and month out. Your hair has no thought what model of shampoo you employ and won’t construct up any type of tolerance to it. If you’re a common consumer of styling wax, nevertheless, it is going to pay to make use of a specific clarifying shampoo each couple of weeks to clean the residue away.

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#3. Every grey hair you pluck out will likely be changed by two

A scary prospect, isn’t it? But is it really true? Although this isn’t strictly true it’s nonetheless a nasty thought to pluck out grey hairs as you possibly can harm the roots of the hair, depart a scar and even trigger an an infection. Resist the temptation to pluck out these grays.

#4. If your hair is ok and flat you possibly can kiss goodbye to giving it any sort of physique

This is one other fable which is completely unfaithful. All it takes is a set of sizzling rollers and 5 minutes of your time and you may give your straight, fine hair a brand new lease of life and bounce.

#5. If you need your hair to be actually clear you have to wash, rinse and repeat

This is totally not crucial. Just as long as you give your hair a thorough washing as soon as it is going to be greater than sufficient to wash it correctly.

#6. A remaining rinse in ice chilly water helps to provide your hair extra shine

Another fable which has no reality or basis. Splashing chilly water over your head might assist you to get up, it would offer you mind freeze however can have no impression on the shininess of your locks.

#7. If you coloration your hair too typically it is going to weaken it

This could have been true a number of many years in the past when hair colorants have been fairly harsh however nowadays, the colours are so light that they received’t trigger any harm in any respect. The merchandise that are used at present, each at dwelling or within the hair salon, will normally depart your hair shiny and manageable. Many of those merchandise include extra conditioners which lead to tremendous, shiny tresses.

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#8. Some merchandise can assist to fix break up ends

A advertising and marketing fable which is fabricated and unfaithful – that’s all that is. If you’ve gotten break up ends there is just one resolution – chop them off. Some of those merchandise could successfully seal the break up ends collectively in order that they’re much less noticeable, however they may nonetheless be really break up.

#9. In order to maintain your hair in good situation it is best to brush it with 100 strokes each evening

An age previous fable which was generally believed in your grandmother’s day however is now recognized to be unfaithful. The solely time it is best to brush your hair is to tidy it or to style it. Repeated brushing can pull the hair out of its follicles and doubtlessly weaken the person strands.

#10. You shouldn’t wash your hair day-after-day

You’ve most likely been advised the identical since your teenage years, that washing your hair day-after-day is a nasty factor to do. The reality is that the frequency you have to wash your hair relies upon upon the kind of hair you’ve gotten in addition to your scalp plus private preferences. As lengthy because the shampoo you choose is right for your hair you possibly can wash day by day if you wish to; it may assist to maintain the scalp clear, eradicate a buildup of oil and permit your hair follicles to breathe.

#11. You shouldn’t use hair merchandise when your hair is moist

This is definitely true, properly, not when it’s dripping moist anyhow. All that this can do is to dilute the product which is able to make it much less efficient. The smartest thing to do is to dry your hair till damp, then apply the merchandise and end the drying course of. If you assume which you can’t use a straightening iron on moist hair, think about using wet-to-dry hair flat iron – they’re very protected to make use of on damp hair! 🙂

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These are the most typical hair care myths and, as you possibly can see, the vast majority of them are completely unfounded.

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