10 Common Blow Drying Mistakes To Avoid

Blow drying your hair can provide the profit of making quite a lot of totally different types for nice wanting hair. But getting it flawed can have precisely the other impact. Here are 10 widespread errors that individuals make when blow-drying their very own hair that you would be able to keep away from to get the best profit and put these unhealthy hair days behind you.

1. Too Hot

The commonest error is drying hair on too excessive a warmth setting. The perception is that it’s going to dry the hair sooner and have larger styling impression. Not so. A hair dryer that’s too sizzling will merely burn and injury the hair leaving it wanting dry, uninteresting and frizzy. Medium warmth is good for styling although it might take somewhat longer to get the specified impact. Even if your hair is thick, attempt to keep away from the very best warmth setting. Section your hair as an alternative.

2. Too Cold

On the opposite hand, a chilly blow dry will merely dry the hair with out styling it in any method. But there’s a place for that chilly setting in your blow dryer. After making use of warmth, use the cooler setting to decrease the temperature sooner and set that fashion in place for longer.

3. Too Close

Holding the blow dryer too near the hair, particularly when utilizing warmth, will outcome within the hair frizzing and breaking and might trigger burns to the scalp. Most blow dryer producers advocate a distance of 30cm from the top. This is somewhat too far to get the utmost styling benefits of a blow dry. About a hand width from the top is good until you might be utilizing the chilly setting.

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4. Too Wet

Hair that’s too moist will take longer to fashion than dry hair. It is best to permit hair to air dry or use your hair dryer to dry the hair earlier than utilizing a brush or curlers to start styling the hair. Slightly damp hair is good for styling with a blow dryer and brush to attenuate potential injury.

5. Too Fast

Styling hair with a blow dryer takes time and it’s important to not rush the method. Depending on the size and thickness of the hair, the method can take wherever from half-hour to three hours to finish to your satisfaction. Make certain that you just put the perfect period of time apart to blow dry your hair so that you just aren’t tempted to make use of the next warmth setting to hurry up the method and injury the hair.

6. Too Much (Hair)

Many folks make the error of making an attempt to dry and elegance giant quantities of hair in a single go. It is best to dry the hair in small sections, beginning with the hair on the nape of your neck and ending on the high of the top. Use clips or elastics to part the hair permitting you to dry and elegance one portion at a time.

7. Too Cheap

Cheap hair dryers with low wattage usually tend to do injury to your hair than provide the look you want. Invest in an costly hair dryer (preferably ionic) which can dry the hair faster with out the injury. Pay consideration to the dimensions of the nozzle – it shouldn’t be too large or too slender to direct the stream of air to maximise styling.

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8. Too Hard

Blow drying your hair must be a gradual, mild course of. Don’t pull the hair taut or use fast, tough strokes with the comb. This will break and injury the hair and will even pull the hair out on the follicle. Rather use lengthy, gradual strokes along with your brush to get one of the best impact. Remember that it’s brush you might be utilizing and permit the bristles to brush by way of the hair as you blow dry every part.

9. Too Much Product

Ideally, you shouldn’t use hair gel, spray or different merchandise on the hair earlier than or whereas blow drying. Hair merchandise include chemical substances that may injury the hair when heated and will additionally uninteresting the hair. It is best to make use of these merchandise to maintain the fashion in place after drying. However, some merchandise are designed for use with warmth and might defend the hair shaft in the course of the drying course of. If your hair tends to frizz, it’s advisable to use a heat protective product earlier than drying your hair.

10. Too Stationary

Holding your hair dryer in the identical place for lengthy intervals of time is not going to dry the hair sooner and solely burn or injury it. Your hair dryer ought to constantly be on the move and by no means stationary. The angle of your hair dryer can also be necessary. Try to maintain it as horizontal (parallel to the ground) as doable whereas shifting it across the head.

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Practice makes excellent and the extra usually you blow-dry your hair, the much less probably you might be to make these widespread errors.

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