Caring for Keratin treated hair

“Brazilian Blowout” or hair treated with keratin protein has been creating fairly a buzz since of late.

Keratin protein could make unmanageable hair shiny and smooth so long as as much as three months. But it will require strict care in your half in conserving the hair this fashion for a most of three months.

This article will spotlight a number of the most essential steps in caring for keratin treated hair.

#1. Avoid getting your hair moist for a minimum of three days after remedy.

Moisture and water will wash away the keratin protein. Hence you shouldn’t wash, get moist within the rain, swim or sweat on the top in the course of the three day interval. If it’s washed away, it’s going to depart marks in your hair.

#2. Don’t use hair clips or ponytails in the course of the first few days.

The hair is kind of malleable quickly after the remedy, and hair clips can depart dents within the hair throughout this era. The neatest thing is to go away the hair down and straight for the primary few days after. Once keratin has been in your hair for greater than three days, you should utilize a tender hair tie to begin with.

#3. Don’t use shampoo and conditioner containing sodium lauryl sulfate.

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is a strong detergent that strips your hair of its pure oils. These shampoos and conditioners will destroy the keratin protein out of your hair. This is a waste of your cash in the long term. Hence it’s best to use a shampoo that is free from SLS. These shampoos can be found in drug shops and on-line.

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#4. Choose silk pillowcases over cotton ones.

Cotton pillows can create friction within the hair. This will render the keratin remedy brief lived in your hair. Silk pillowcases will create a little or no friction in your hair, making it less frizzy. This will assist to guard the keratin remedy for an extended time period.

#5. Avoid utilizing different hair merchandise to type your hair (for the meantime)

Just blow dry your hair after washing it. You don’t have to make use of mousse, hair sprays and different hair-lifting merchandise on the hair when utilizing keratin remedy. Excess use of different hair merchandise will make your hair look soiled and uninteresting. The neatest thing is to blow dry the hair and run a flat iron over the hair. It will assist to take care of the hair strands in the suitable type. All it will assist to lengthen the remedy in your hair.

Some of the NO-NOs for the primary three days of utility embody: don’t place the hair behind your ears, don’t use bob pins, no hand bands for use, don’t use the glasses to carry the hair again, no workout routines or sweating on the top and don’t wash your hair for the first three days.

Keratin protein can be utilized for chemically treated hair too. People with broken and highlighted hair, blondes and different hair varieties can easily benefit from it. When utilizing a flat iron for hair treated with keratin, it must be set to 430° as a substitute of 450° (decrease warmth). This is advisable by many hair styling specialists.

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When wanting for a keratin hair product, it is best to at all times select one with the lowest percentage of formaldehyde. Any product with a excessive amount of formaldehyde or associated components must be averted altogether. Many reputed corporations manufacture merchandise with protected ranges of formaldehyde. But there are some salons that are mentioned to combine formaldehyde with the remedy in the course of the utility course of. This is why it’s worthwhile to be extraordinarily cautious when deciding on a salon to carry out the remedy. Doing your individual analysis will certainly assist to maintain you protected within the course of.

The best keratin hair products can be found for buy by many trusted e-commerce shops on-line. A 120ml jar may very well be bought for lower than $50 from most on-line shops. In conclusion, correct care for keratin treated hair is important to look your best always.

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