Can You Flat Iron Wet Hair?

Fully styling your hair is already a large time consumption, and even blow-drying your hair after a bathe can take a very long time to get totally dry. What’s the hurt in straightening your hair and drying it on the identical time with a flat iron? As it seems, it may possibly do some extreme harm.


Should You Use Flat Iron on Wet Hair?

No. Straightening moist hair utilizing a flat iron could cause critical harm to your hair. It could cause break up ends, crack & very brittle hair. Let your hair dry first, then use a flat iron.


The Science Behind It

cons of straightening wet hair

While it could not initially make sense why heating moist hair is so damaging, there’s truly an ideal motive that your hair isn’t in a position to take care of the warmth whereas damp.


Hair could be surprisingly absorbent. When hair will get moist from a bathe, it may possibly take in as much as 30% of its weight in water. This is a part of why it takes so lengthy to get totally dry however can also be the rationale {that a} flat iron could be extraordinarily damaging in case your hair follicles nonetheless have water inside them.



The intense warmth from the flat iron truly boils and steams the water within your hair. This causes the water to increase and bubble, and the one course it may possibly go is out. Your hair virtually explodes from the within out, which isn’t good to your hair well being.


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The Result

Your hair will crack, break up, and turn into extraordinarily brittle. Even a single-time flat ironing moist hair can lead to massive swaths of blown-out hair. You might find yourself needing to cut off the affected areas, and nobody desires to finish up having to try this.


Only Flat Iron Dry Hair

straightening dry hair with flat iron

Your hair needs to be utterly dry earlier than you try to straighten it, however even in the event you wait until it’s dry, you’re not out of the woods fairly but. Using a flat iron can harm even totally dry hair if not used correctly.


You have to be sure to aren’t setting your warmth too excessive. Your hair can find yourself burning from the excessive temperatures, and this may be simply as damaging as having it explode from the within out. Keep the warmth on low to medium, and you have to be positive.


Heat Protection

Using some kind of heat protection before styling will be sure to can straighten your hair with minimal harm throughout the course of. Find the product that’s best for you, and ensure your flat iron is extra trendy or prime quality to maximise your safety.


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