Black Women’s Hair (Afro Hair) Everything You Need To Know

It’s true that cultural habits of hairstyles neglect the hair well being. Afro hair or coily hair is far diffrent from different hair sorts by its properties and look, typically it takes a number of effort to model this hair kind – which is of course dry, simply inclined to break and shrinkage.

Using warmth styling instruments reminiscent of sizzling comb (press comb) can change the construction of hair shaft, making hair inclined to break.

Hair breakage on again girls’s hair can be concerned in utilizing chemical substances for a protracted time period – in all probability after years of use. Sodium hydroxide and guanidine hydroxide are just a few chemical substances in charge.

Oils reminiscent of coconut, jojoba and argan are good for black pure hair. You can apply these oils to hair day by day, that can lock moisture in and your hair gained’t dry as fast as it could be.

Afro hair has a high stage of elasticity, meaning as soon as it was straightened, it might get again to the unique tight curls or coils and your hair will probably be shorter.

Black girl hair comes with a fantastic number of texture, and it refers to kind 4 (or coily hair), which is recognized by measurement of curl patterns – 4A, 4B and 4C.


If you observe the hair harm

  • Don’t model your hair and cease making use of any relaxers
  • Stop utilizing any warmth styling instruments reminiscent of press comb, hair dryer, hair straighteners, and so forth.,
  • Use large tooth comb (a picket can be good)

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