Best Low EMF Hair Dryer (of 2021)

Cell telephones and Electromagnetic radiation, the phenomena regarding this duo is hardly unknown to any health-conscious individuals in right this moment’s world. But what most of them are surprisingly unaware of is the truth that there are worse producers of such dangerous radioactivity simply round their households.

The blow dryer is amongst a handful of different family home equipment which might be increased within the electromagnetic emission fee than your mobile phone.

Thankfully, hairdryers with low radiation ranges have now come to the state of affairs as more healthy alternate options to the common ones.

And that’s why we have now provide you with this text to introduce you to the most effective low EMF hair dryers out there that will help you discover the very best answer.

Quick Review

Before we go into our major dialogue, let’s have a fast sneak peek at the most effective low EMF blow dryers that we have now handpicked after hours of researches and a wide range of take a look at processes.

Low EMF Hair Dryer – Buyer’s Guide

What is EMF?

EMF is a time period derived from physics. It refers to Electro-magnetic Field, which is a mixed power {of electrical} and magnetic fields. In {an electrical} system, when a static cost produces {an electrical} area, and a shifting cost (present) creates a magnetic area, they each work together to kind a novel power. This power is named EMF, and it might trigger emission of faint traces of each high-frequency and low-frequency radiation.

Every type of electrical system produces EMF be it wired or wi-fi. Almost all varieties of wi-fi units produce high-frequency EMF, which alludes to Radiofrequency as nicely. And regardless of corded instruments emit comparatively decrease frequency EMF radiation, they’re nowhere removed from affecting the cells of our mind and physique.

So what EMF does your hairdryer produce?

Virtually no electrical system is freed from EMF radiation. Machines don’t stop to radiate even once they’re shut but plugged in. Hairdryers are generally corded instruments which might be excessive in EMF radiations. The solenoid of a hairdryer motor is the core of its EMF manufacturing. The rotating coil generates shifting cost (or present) to create magnetic fields that overlap with {the electrical} power brought on by the anions.

The electromagnetic fields produced in electrical home equipment are measured within the mG (milli-gauss) unit by EMF testers, which varies with the gap the system is stored from it.

Take a take a look at the chart under. It denotes the common quantity of EMF produced by our day-to-day home equipment within the mG unit.

So, you possibly can see the publicity of EMF radiation from hair dryers varies from 60 to 20000 milli-gausses, which is fairly excessive and will show to be damaging sufficient to trigger deadly well being points. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests the vary of 0.5 to 2.5 mG because the really helpful security ranges.

How Low EMF Hair Dryers Work?

In current years, many hair instrument producers have provide you with the concept of lowering the consequences of EMF emission from the hairdryers and different electrical units. They are growing new applied sciences of their labs to lower the quantity of EMF radiation, so health-conscious individuals can effortlessly hold their nervousness away.

The most neoteric version of expertise now could be the Back EMF or Counter EMF. They are implementing this expertise in hairdryers, which comes up with in-built electromagnetic fields that oppose the path of the generated EMF again to their supply.

Are you questioning about how does this Back EMF expertise do the job?

The operating motor of the hairdryer consists of a coil that turns right into a magnetic area. It produces EMF. The again EMF expertise opposes the voltage that powers the motor to cut back its effectivity. As a consequence, it weakens the EMF driving by the motor, but the motor’s stability stays unhurt. That’s how low emf is produced regardless of the motor maintaining with the speed it produces.

Why is Low EMF Important?

You have most likely come throughout a number of scientific research that present how cell telephones result in quite a few varieties of tumors, which embrace mind most cancers. The World Health Organization (WHO) has additionally categorised cellphones as a possible carcinogen.

Low Emf Hair Dryer

But what we largely overlook is the electromagnetic radiations emitted from our family electrical home equipment like hairdryers, washing machines, microwave ovens, and such, which can as nicely contribute to the most cancers danger from utilizing cell telephones.

As you possibly can see from the chart we have now introduced above; hairdryers are increased in EMF emissions than your mobile phone. Some current research have proven that if you’re commonly uncovered to EMF ranges even as little as 3 mG, you is likely to be vulnerable to deadly mind damages and leukemia, the place the risk is much more important for kids.

Apart from Brain most cancers and Leukemia, the next ailments may happen even with minimal publicity to Electromagnetic radiation.

  • Long-term fatigue
  • Chronic complications
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Ringing ears
  • Hypersensitivity and Depression
  • Loss of libido
  • Hormonal discrepancy
  • Critical being pregnant points with worsened aftermaths
  • Impotence within the male physique
  • Cataracts

However, the sensitivity to EMF radiation might not be the identical for all. Where a number of could also be affected by the slightest of radiation, a number of others won’t. But we strongly suggest to not compromise a bit in terms of well being points. So, when shopping for a hairdryer or another electrical equipment, checking the EMF emission ranges is the most effective follow.

Who Can Use a Low EMF Hairdryer?

As we have now acknowledged above, not everyone seems to be equally delicate to EMF radiation. But once more, typically it’s not the quantity of emission that impacts an individual severely. Instead, it’s typically the period of your staying in an EMF emission-filled surroundings.

Meaning, the radiation might show to be deadly for you even when it’s at not so excessive a stage in the event you eat it for prolonged intervals, or you might be habituated to remain round it commonly.

The professionals in hair salons are extra vulnerable to the dangerous results as they spend lengthy hours with electrical energy operated hair instruments that emit high-frequency EMF radiations. So, all of the low EMF hair dryers are primarily designed and developed for them.

Also, low EMF blow dryers are the most effective go well with for these coiffure lovers who like to check out totally different kinds each day at house and must dry their hair regularly within the course of.

But so long as well being points are your utmost concern, you’ll wish to change your blow dryer with a low EMF hairdryer. More so, it turns into greater than only a selection when you concentrate on your little children who’re extra susceptible to Electromagnetic radiation publicity.

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The Drawbacks

Higher value tags need to be the prime concern and arguably the one one. The low EMF dryers is likely to be too pricey to afford for a lot of.

The producers develop these merchandise, primarily maintaining the professionals of their minds. The salon consultants are extra liable to any potential injury as they spend at least 5-6 hours with blow-dryers. But it’s not the explanation behind the worth challenge.

The again EMF expertise is an costly expertise that solely drives the worth vary up. It requires specialised motors to be applied within the dryer, which is costlier than the common ones.

So for normal individuals, who use their dryers every so often and never so regularly, the worth is undoubtedly a deterring issue. But so long as security is your precedence, you have to overcome this challenge.

The Core Features of Low EMF Hair Dryers

Hairdryers with low EMF emission boast some distinctive options enabling them to make the distinction.

Down under, we have now listed their core options with in-depth particulars, so you possibly can comprehend how the low EMF dryers herald all of the goodnesses. These options aren’t out there in a normal handheld blow dryer.

The Counter EMF Technology

No marvel this expertise is the foremost motive behind the effectiveness of a lot of these blow dryers. Since its invention, this expertise has been the game-changer in lots of house home equipment industries aside from simply hairdryers.

Counter EMF Technology

The expertise has been engineered with a built-in Electromagnetic power against the generated radiation produced from the motor. It creates a repelling torque that sends the bigger proportion of the emissions again to their supply.

Although this back-EMF expertise cumbers the powering voltage of the motor for lowering the speed of emission, it doesn’t have an effect on the effectivity of the motor. Thus, it produces a diminished quantity of radiation whereas upholding the unique velocity of the airflow generated from the supply.

It’s a trait lacking within the common hairdryers. This missing results in uncontrolled EMF technology, and subsequently, the deadly aftermaths we have now already mentioned above.


The wattage or driving energy of a hairdryer is a major issue that determines the speed of EMF emission. The rotation of the coil, the speed of the airflow and ions, and therefore each the electrical area and the magnetic area largely rely upon how sturdy or weak the ability supply is.

According to the legal guidelines of physics, if {the electrical} present stays fixed, EMF will increase and reduces with the wattage of the motor proportionally. So the decrease the wattage, the less the radioactivity.

But once more, the airflow fee will get exponentially diminished with a depleted energy supply. It ends in an inadequate quantity of sizzling airflow in contrast to what’s required for a correct blow-drying session. It certainly raises an annoying dilemma.

The best low EMF hair dryers resolve this challenge with a motor that has a reasonable wattage stage. We have run a number of checks to search out out 1500-1800 watts as the proper vary. A motor inside this vary is able to maintaining the emission fee at minimal whereas additionally sustaining an ample airflow fee required for a whole blow-drying session.


Undoubtedly, the motor is the core of operation for hairdryers. So it’s fairly supposable that it performs a significant position in EMF technology.

The variety of revolutions within the solenoid or coil is the important thing determiner of what quantity of emission will come out. However, you don’t have any choice to verify it earlier than buying, since no dryer set comes with this data labeled on it.

Blow Dryer Motor

But what you are able to do is, verify if the motor runs on AC or DC.

AC or alternate present modifications its path perpetually so long as the motor runs. So the electromagnetic radiation diverts its pathways each infrequently accordingly. As a consequence, the generated EMF has no fixed path whereas the emission occurs. It ends in a weakened EMF radioactivity so as to add as much as your profit.

DC motors, alternatively, by no means change its path all through an operation maintaining its pathway fixed. As a consequence, the emitted radiation heads to a specific one-way route to drag all the consequences in that path. So it inevitably impacts the person extra considerably than an AC motor.

Nowadays, newly developed digital motors are additionally discovered that include specialised intrinsic EMF blockage mechanism. They are virtually nearly as good as AC motors however typically dearer.

Average Emission

As we have now acknowledged earlier, EMF emission ranges are measured within the Miligauss unit (mG). And the emission stage chart denotes that hairdryers emit a extra substantial quantity of radiation than most different house home equipment.

Although the emission fee is commonly calculated and measured from totally different distances, it’s no secret that we apply hairdryers from a really shut vary of our heads. Even an everyday publicity to 3-4 mG of emission could cause deadly ailments like mind most cancers. So we should go for the dryer with the bottom common emission stage doable.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests the vary of 0.5 to 2.5 mG because the really helpful security ranges. To keep secure from the damaging aftermaths of EMF publicity we have now mentioned above, you have to go for a hairdryer that matches inside this vary.

Ion Generation

These days, virtually each hair instrument provides the advantage of unfavorable ion conditioning. It’s a characteristic that helps cut back the frizz and kinks out of your hair successfully.

However, it’s not truly the ionic expertise that has to do something with electromagnetic radioactivity. Instead, it’s the move or velocity of those generated ions that play an element in controlling the radiation together with their quantity.

Ionic Technology Blow Dryer

The legal guidelines of physics recommend that the change of EMF in an space is inversely proportional to the variety of ions handed by means of it. So with extra ions, there’s lesser radiation. Also, the quantity of EMF will increase with the increment of the airflow fee. That’s why the most effective EMF blow dryers supply a reasonable airflow fee, which neither will get too excessive nor too low.

Copper Barrier

Copper shielding or RF shielding has been the commonest and simplest method of lowering EMF ranges in cell telephones. And now a number of producers have come ahead with the concept of implementing them in hair dryers.

Copper is a conductive materials that absorbs many of the radiated electromagnetic emissions in electrical units and grounds them away out of your physique. A copper barrier is used for enclosing the interiors of such contraptions to separate the unit from the environment.

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So when a hairdryer is shielded with a copper barrier, the emission is far lower than when it’s not.

A Few Additional Features

Among the opposite notable options of a low EMF hair dryer, you could discover the next.

  • Ceramic, Tourmaline Ceramic, and Digital heating supplies.
  • Infra-red expertise.
  • Multiple heats and velocity settings.
  • Advanced moisture adjustment settings.

The Must-Have Features of an Ideal Low EMF Hair Dryer

All the low EMF blow dryers are skilled salon-grade, and they’re dearer than conventional dryers. The truth that you simply’re spending big bucks on a purchase order, you gained’t need the dryer to overlook out on any of the important thing attributes. So make certain your hairdryer ticks all of the containers within the following record.

  • The wattage should be inside the vary of 1500-1800 watts
  • The motor should be operating on alternate present (AC)
  • The common emission stage should be restricted inside the vary 0.5-2.5 milligauss (mG)

Top Low EMF Hair Dryers

It’s no marvel that defending ourselves from the dangerous radioactivities is the only real objective of buying a low EMF hairdryer. But on the identical time, you’d naturally need your hairdryer to give you all of the facilities required throughout a blow-drying session. So, selecting the most effective low EMF hair dryer is crucial to get the very best companies.

Many corporations have provide you with low EMF dryers over the previous few years. CHI is probably the most notable among the many large names to have produced a handful of them. CHI Pro, CHI Turbo, CHI Rocket, CHI Deep Brilliance, Ultra CHI Low EMF are a number of names value mentioning. But aside from them, there are additionally Elchim, Barbar, Hot Tools amongst loads of different manufacturers with a wide range of fashions.

With so many fashions, choosing the proper one could be a daunting job, certainly. Besides, though most of them come labeled as low EMF dryers, there’s hardly any legitimate approach to confirm their credibility or precise competency with out operating checks as a result of none of them present details about important traits.

So, to spare you the effort, we have now handpicked among the best-rated low EMF hair dryers amongst a number of dozens after lengthy hours of in-depth researches and quite a few take a look at processes. But earlier than we go into their opinions, check out their total comparability within the chart under.

A Comparative Table for Clarification

Shield Life EMFreedom Hair Dryer

Shield Life EMFreedom Hair Dryer

Ranking Position: 1

Our Opinion: Top Pick

Shield Life Beauty is an organization devoted to producing “Radiation-guard” family merchandise. With the target of an EMF-free surroundings, their EMFreedom hairdryer is such one other product that guarantees to ship professional-grade, risk-free blow-drying classes.

The blow-dryer tops our record with solely 0.9 mG of common EMF emission stage, the bottom out there up till now. With such a flat emission fee, it reduces the possibilities of potential well being dangers relating to EMF radiation greater than the rests within the record.

Meaning, irrespective of you’re a skilled or an everyday person at house, you possibly can stay freed from well being issues when bringing the unit near your head. More so, it’s the most effective go well with for many who are on the lookout for the most secure blow-dryer to make use of on their grade-schooler children.

The unit runs on a reliable 1800 watts AC motor. Where the alternate present helps weaken the radiation ranges with a steady change of instructions, the exact wattage stage helps keep the proper move of air required for a faster and environment friendly blow-drying session.

It boasts a proprietary expertise of unfavorable ion spring to assist maximize the moisture retention functionality of your hair strands. But greater than that, this expertise contributes to the general EMF discount, which is your utmost precedence.

Well, the goodness of EMF demotion with this hairdryer doesn’t simply finish right here. The firm’s patented EMF shielding expertise additionally features a copper barrier in its inside, which absorbs as much as 75% of radiation to spice up the EMF discount course of.

If you’re significantly involved in regards to the security of your self and your baby, this EMFreedom hairdryer must be the true deal for you on the market. With its revolutionary applied sciences, ergonomic design, and apt drying mechanism, the dryer gives a whole blow-drying expertise each hair-care fanatic craves for.

A Few Additional Features

  • Ceramic-Infrared heating expertise helps obtain sooner shines and retains invaluable nutritional vitamins and moisture.
  • The unfavorable ion spring characteristic helps keep the steadiness of pure oil ranges of your hair.
  • It comes with two-speed settings and three warmth settings.
  • Cools down immediately when switched cool.
  • An ergonomic and light-weight design for easy maneuvering.
  • It gives comparatively extra silent blow-drying classes than different fashions.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Ranking Position: 2

Our Opinion: Runner-up

Renowned for manufacturing vacuum cleaners, electrical purifiers, and electrical automotive, Dyson is solely new within the hair instruments trade. Their newly developed supersonic hairdryer has caught the eyes of haircut professionals with its distinctive applied sciences and glorious capabilities.

However, by way of EMF emission, the hairdryer falls barely behind the successful spot in our record, as the comparatively decrease emission stage and the copper shielding provides the EMFreedom the sting. Also, the humongous price ticket might even scare off some potential purchasers.

The dryer emits a median of 1 mG to provide the freedom of utilizing it from any of your most popular positions with out having to fret about well being points.

Dyson Supersonic boasts a digital 1600 watt motor that’s engineered to offer much-reduced radioactivity whereas maintaining the airflow fee at an acceptable vary. The astutely developed mechanism comes with the patented Air Multiplier expertise that produces a high-speed jet of airflow. It expedites your drying classes with the utmost precision of hairstyling.

The unit gives optimum static discount and warmth injury safety with unfavorable ion technology and infrared heating, which additionally helps keep the low fee of EMF emission.

This extremely sturdy hair dryer provides handy adjustability with magnetic attachments. The light-weight, ergonomic design and lengthy hours of utilization allowance make this low EMF hair dryer an ideal selection for salon professionals.

A Few Additional Features

  • Infrared heating expertise permits light warmth move for a pleasing drying expertise.
  • Digital V9 motor gives a lot sooner blow-drying operations.
  • Intelligent warmth sensors to guard your hair and the attachments from warmth damages.
  • Precise ranges of a number of warmth and velocity settings.
  • Supersonic expertise delivers almost inaudible drying classes.
  • Magnetic attachments embrace a styling concentrator, a diffuser, and a smoothing nozzle.

If you’re frightened by Dyson’s price ticket and you may’t afford the EMFreedom both, you could contemplate this mannequin from CHI. It’s out there at a relatively lower cost with an adequately flat emission fee of the electromagnetic area.

The blow dryer emits a median of 1.5 mG of EMF radiation, a bit increased than the earlier two fashions we’ve mentioned above. But it does match inside the really helpful vary given by the EPA. So you possibly can certainly decide this one together with your hand down.

This unit runs on a 1500-watt AC motor, a bit much less highly effective than our high two. So you could not get the precise quantity of airflow these two present. But the truth that it efficiently checks the emission fee, you could be freed from worries relating to EMF points.

The CHI professional is a salon-grade dryer that additionally contains a ceramic infrared heating mechanism offering damage-free light drying classes. Also, a hefty quantity of ion technology characteristic provides as much as your advantages with EMF blocking help and professional-grade end.

If you’re low on price range but uncompromising about radiation points, this hairdryer from CHI is undoubtedly value your cash.

A Few Additional Features

  • Ceramic-Infrared heating expertise for the light blow-drying expertise.
  • Produces considerable unfavorable ions for a shinier end.
  • Comes with a filter for a straightforward cleansing course of
  • The attachments embrace a concentrator and a diffuser.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design.
  • 11-feet lengthy salon-grade twine.

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer

Elchim, the Italian model has been producing high quality hair care merchandise for greater than seventy years. The 3900 wholesome ionic mannequin is a salon-quality hairdryer they declare to be radiating low electromagnetic emissions.

However, though it does emit a comparatively low stage of radioactivity (3.2 mG) than most different fashions out there these days, it’s not adequately low to suit inside the security vary.

So in the event you occur to make use of it, you’ll need to be further precautions to maintain it at a secure distance out of your head. And that should be a bit annoying because it’ll make the airflow will battle to succeed in your hair strands correctly.

The unit does boast a robust 2400-watt AC motor, which produces an enormous move of air to make the method considerably much less daunting. But once more, the heavier the move is, the stronger the emission stage will get. So with the intention to use it safely, you can not however hold the airstream on the lowest setting each time, and subsequently, compromise with the extended period.

Regardless of those points, the mannequin is a high quality one that may present glorious salon-grade outcomes. We suggest going for this unit provided that you’re not a frequent person of a hairdryer, or you possibly can address these issues relating to maneuvers.

Barbar ECO8000 Blow Dryer

Barbar ECO8000 Blow Dryer

This blow-drying contraption from Barbar emits a median of 4.1 mG of EMF radiations, greater than all of the above fashions we’ve mentioned until now.

If you’re involved about all these dangerous results of radioactivities, this may be the only real think about deterring you from buying this product. After all, why would you sacrifice your easeful actions whereas not getting the right quantity of airflow from a distance?

Yes, this challenge will get extra conviction from the truth that the unit runs on a weak 1100-watt motor. So you can not count on adequacy of warmth move for a correct drying session.

Noise is likely to be another excuse for you not to decide on it. The dryer will get actually loud after a couple of minutes of operating.

More so, the dryer prices almost 100 and fifty bucks, which is certainly not value it, because it neither protects you from EMF nor it delivers shut sufficient an ideal drying expertise.

Trezoro Professional Ionic Salon Dryer

Trezoro Professional Ionic Salon Dryer

Trezoro ionic skilled dryer is a low-budget mannequin that gave us an outrageous common EMF take a look at studying of 26.5 mG!

So it’s evidently that it has already acquired subdued by the remainder of the fashions in our record.

A strong DC motor (2200-watt) has been applied on this unit for a greater move of sizzling air, therefore faster drying classes.

But when a direct present is handed by means of it, the unit forces the path of the EMF emission to stay fixed. So there’s no method for the radiation to get weakened by any means. Thus, the excessive emission fee.

The unit lacks another doable EMF blocking mechanism, therefore it’s arduous to suggest this product regardless of the sooner drying classes it gives.

A Few Additional Tips for EMF Protection

By now, it’s no extra unknown to you ways harmful EMF radiations could be. So right here we’ll share a number of suggestions with you on how one can fend off the dangerous emissions.

  1. Just as we have now made it clear already, maintaining distance between the supply and your physique is the important thing to cope with EMF exposures. The increased the hole, the decrease the publicity.
  2. Try to not use your hairdryer until it’s an apparent necessity. A restricted time spent close to a tool lowers the exposures.
  3. Keep up the follow of towel drying your hair after showers. Better in the event you use microfiber towels as they’re more practical moisture absorbents than the common ones. This method, the necessity for utilizing a hairdryer will turn into rather a lot much less.
  4. You can use EMF neutralizing units for all family home equipment. You will discover a number of plug-n-play units that successfully soak up the radiation for a safer surroundings. The eLink EMF Family Neutralizer is a reputation value mentioning right here.
  5. You may check out a number of protecting crystals present in nature. Flint, Black Tourmaline, Shungite, Amazonite, Green Adventurine, Rainbow Fluorite, Smokey Quartz, Fulgurite, and so forth. are a number of mineral crystals that soak up electrical and magnetic radiations out of your environment while you hold it close to electrical units. However, their effectivity is simply too low to rely upon utterly.

We recommend that it’s important so that you can get a low EMF hairdryer to manage a whole total security.

Final Say

From our thorough dialogue, we are able to conclude that the most effective low EMF hair dryers could be a nice asset for us in protection of ourselves from the damaging results of electromagnetic radiation.

Yes, the vulnerability might not be of the identical diploma for everybody. But buying a low EMF blow dryer could be the wisest funding while you’re not the one to compromise a bit about well being issues.

Hopefully, our suggestions above can be useful sufficient to help you in deciding on the proper answer with the most effective EMF safety.

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