The 5 Best Hair Dryers For Curly Hair With Diffusers (in 2021)

Do you have got curly hair? Are you a type of individuals who declare that producers don’t make hair dryers relying on the hair sorts?

Good information! From our analysis, we want to inform you that there are many good high quality hair dryers accessible out there which are very a lot handy; “specifically” made for curly hair.

As hair traits and issues range from sort to sort, producers need to take this step for curly hair individuals.


In this text we’re going to talk about:

  • Curly hair and its sorts
  • Common issues confronted by curly hair individuals
  • How hair dryers can remedy these issues

These are the principle issues we are going to talk about. We will clarify each part, speak about applied sciences, options, supplies, attachments supplied by hair dryers which are useful for curly hair.

And afterward, we are going to recommend you some fine quality hair dryer merchandise which are thought of specifically made for curly hair sort.

A Quick Review

We have chosen the next merchandise after evaluating it with many different hair dryers. These dryers are chosen for some particular options which are very advantageous for curly hair. Take a look on the top-recommended merchandise earlier than we begin our article. If you wish to learn the small print about these merchandise, please leap over to the product part.

Hair Dryer For Curly Hair With Diffuser – Buyer’s Guide

What is curly hair?

Curly hair is stuffed with curls if we are saying merely. People who’ve curly hair are born with it. Our hair is constructed of protein, keratin that’s codified within the hair follicle cells. The proteins include sulfur atoms and turn out to be a portion of the hair shaft. Two sulfur atoms type a disulfide bond once they pair up.

If these two atoms are at a distance in the identical protein, they usually be a part of to make the disulfide bond, then the protein bends. Your curls are created on this manner. The quantity of curls relies on the variety of disulfide bonds between the proteins.

Know your curly hair sort

Look on the image. Type 3A, 3B, 3C are the forms of curly hair. If you have got any of those sorts, you have got curly hair, and welcome! This article is for you. We will emphasize on curly hair solely on this content material however kinky hair (sort 4A, B, C) individuals can also get some advantages from right here.

Type 3 Hair

So yow will discover out your hair sorts from the image. But what the kinds imply? Let’s discover out:

  • 3A: This sort of curls is often unfastened and massive that follows an S-shaped The curls are springy every curl is as thick as part of sidewalk chalk.
  • 3B: The curls in any such coarse-textured hair are somewhat bit tighter. The curls are as vast as a marker pen.
  • 3C: This sort of hair is often known as ringlet or corkscrew curls. These curls are very tightly packed and have the perimeter of a pencil.

As we’re providing you with info on curly hair sorts, we wish to let another necessary factor.

Hair dryer producers don’t make dryers in keeping with the subcategories of curly hair however they make their merchandise to resolve the widespread issues confronted by the curly hair individuals.

If you might be confused about your hair sorts, then you should utilize blow dryers which are suitable for any type of hair.

Frequent issues that curly hair individuals face

Now the kind of curly hair. Before leaping to additional dialogue, let’s discover out the “widespread” issues confronted by curly hair individuals.

Frizzy hair

Curly hair could be very susceptible to frizz than straight hair. They are dry naturally. The pure oil produced from the scalp can’t attain to every part and hydrate its lengths due to the form (spiral) of curly hair. So the hair simply loses its moisture and because of this, the dry cuticle of the hair might be lifted and that’s what makes your hair frizzy.

Hair knots and tangles

Curly hair individuals typically face a knotty mess of their hair. They generally face it after waking up each morning, after showering, and lots of different instances. These disgusting tangles are precipitated when the cuticle (the outer layer of your hair) is broken and opens up. When they turn out to be snagged on one another, knots and tangles are created in your hair.

Hair Damage

The issues talked about above finally trigger hair breakage on the finish, which is the worst nightmare of each hair acutely aware particular person. If the hair is uncovered to extreme warmth, it may be broken as nicely.

How can issues be solved?

So you might be seeing that there are few issues curly hair individuals typically need to face. There are some options, applied sciences, supplies which are utilized in hair dryers to resolve the widespread issues which make the dryer very handy for curly hair individuals.

Get rid of Frizzy hair

The use of the next expertise or materials in a hair dryer can help you to eliminate the frizzes out of your curly hair:

Ionic-Conditioning expertise

There are many forms of applied sciences which are utilized in hair dryers. But probably the most useful expertise for curly hair is the ionic situation expertise as a result of it helps to scale back the frizzes from hair. Our analysis reveals that the dryer that gives ionic conditioning expertise can take away as much as 40 % of frizzes from curly hair.

Use of Titanium

The use of Titanium materials could be very a lot common for utilizing in hair dryers as a result of this could produce excessive temperature repeatedly. The constant temperature assists in styling and controlling the volumes and textures of curly hair and most significantly, it makes your hair much less frizzy whereas drying it in a short time.

No extra worries about hair harm

All of our prescribed options will reduce the curly hair damage. But on this part, we’re going to give an answer to a particular downside that causes numerous hair harm. And that’s – publicity of hair to the acute temperature.

Use of Tourmaline

The use of tourmaline materials within the hair dryer helps to make the warmth mild on the hair whereas drying by emitting infrared warmth and damaging ions. It makes hair shiny and removes a lot of the frizzes. This materials finally saves curly hair from damaging by not letting it get dry and helps to soak up the moisture.

Wattage system

Though a minimum of 1300 wattage is required to dry tremendous hair, it requires a minimum of 1600-1800 wattage to dry curly hair. But should you purchase a dryer that provides wattage on this vary, you can not use the low pace/warmth settings in your dryer.

That means, your hair will meet the very best quantity of warmth. It may cause hurt to your curly hair; causes hair harm. So we’re extremely recommending wattage of 2000 a minimum of for curly hair. In this wattage, you should utilize varied pace/warmth settings that may save your hair from harm.

Add volumes and eliminate hair knots with a diffuser attachment

In this part, we are going to talk about diffuser attachments and its advantages vastly. We will clarify the main diffuser sorts and their options as nicely. however earlier than we begin explaining, we want to let the advantages in brief:

  • Diffuser attachment helps to keep up the feel of curly hair which is able to take away hair knots
  • It provides a superb quantity of quantity to your hair roots
  • It reduces hair harm as nicely.
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Now, it’s time to clarify the “diffuser attachment”

What is a diffuser and what does it do to your hair

If individuals use a hair dryer with none attachments to dry their hair, air flows vagrantly on their hair. People can’t management the airflow of the dryer. It could be very a lot dangerous to hair and it could trigger many hairs to fall.

hair dryer diffuser

However, if individuals use diffuser attachments with their hair dryer, they’ll have the chance to manage the airflow of the dryer. A diffuser attachment (often known as finger diffuser) moderates the air because it comes out of the blow dryer so that individuals don’t get a direct airflow on their hair, however it expands easily via your hair quite.

They can increase the airflow on a bigger portion of the hair. As a end result, air can’t move vagrantly on the hair. This is why utilizing a diffuser attachment can cut back hair fall vastly.

Diffuser attachment is among the outperforming attachments, which might be hooked up to the sting of a blow dryer. It assists in styling hair.

More exactly, it’s used to keep up curly hair. It helps the individuals of any size curly, pure hair to blow-dry their curly hair and to not lose their precise, consummate curls. People of all types of hair apart from pure and curly like straight and wavy can and should use this diffuser add-on in the event that they want to remodel their straightened coiffure into curly one.

The Necessity of a Diffuser Attachment

Most of the people on this world use a hair dryer to dry their hair. People with straight hair who wish to preserve their hair straight as all the time needn’t a hair diffuser attachment in any respect. However, individuals with curly hair can use a diffuser attachment to a hair dryer which assists them to blow dry their curly hair and holds the standard and texture of their hair.

Therefore, they needn’t comply with some other methods to keep up their curly hair and get it finished fantastically simply with an add-on to their present hair dryer which known as diffuser attachment. People with wavy hair can use diffuser attachment in the event that they wish to change their model right into a curly one.

Diffuser Add-on of A Hair Dryer for Curly and Natural Hair – A Requisite Gadget to Maintain Curliness of Hair

People of curly hairstyle look very charming, traditional, and intensive. However, to keep up a curly coiffure individuals want many assiduities. Chaotic knots of hair that usually happen upon individuals’s hair, which turns down the precise artistry of curly hair known as the frizz of the hair.

If curly hair is dried naturally or with merely a hair dryer, frizz can happen in your head. Besides, nobody on the earth want to have tangles, sturdy knots, or some other bugs of their hair.

Shakira with curly hair

A diffuser is a hair dryer accent, which is used to scale back the frizz that happens within the hair when individuals merely dry their hair with a blow dryer.

For your hair’s density and latitude, your hair could stay a airplane if you have already got a curly coiffure. Also, this add-on will assist to deliver again the textures of your curls. Nevertheless, a diffuser accent can help you to keep up and reasonable your curly coiffure sample greater than something.

Classification of Diffuser Attachments

There are primarily two forms of diffuser attachments. They are:

  1. Sock Diffuser
  2. Exclusive hand-shaped diffuser
  3. Bowl Diffuser Attachment

Sock Diffusers

Though any such diffuser is obtainable out there, it isn’t that a lot efficient for curling up hair.

This diffuser seems like a sock, and it suits over a lot of the hair dryers. It has an elastic band on the opening to suit over the nozzle of the dryer.

Sock Diffuser

This diffuser is not only for the curls however provides quantity to any hair sort. The superior cellphone high quality is for longer put on and higher airflow. Unique form supplies for higher general warmth dispersion. This diffuser replaces massive and ponderous plastic diffusers.

Mesh diffusers are different kinds of diffuser. However, it really works fairly the identical as sock diffuser.

Exclusive Hand Shaped Diffuser Add-on – Best for All (Short, Medium, Long Length) Hair

This is a hand-shaped diffuser attachment which is the distinctive designed diffuser out there, and it’s so a lot well-known for its universality. It suits on a lot of the hair dryers as a result of it has an elastic piece across the decrease a part of the diffuser.

Therefore, it stretches to any dimension of hair dryers. This high quality could be very handy. It is the one sort of diffuser that has holes within the inside portion and has holes within the outdoors portion as nicely. Therefore, you possibly can stick the entire hand in your hair and you’ll be benefited in varied methods.

hand shaped diffuser

This diffuser dries from the within outward, so your ends won’t be frizzy and fried by the point your roots are dry. Your curls might be stunning with a ton of quantity. This accent will give your hair a pleasant raise off my scalp. Besides, the remainder of the curls will have the ability to dry shortly with ambient air, and they’ll look nicely outlined.

Bowl Diffusers

Bowl diffusers are the most effective. It is probably the most advantageous sort of diffuser. Quite all the hair dryers’ attachments AKA diffusers are bowl-shaped. Diffusers of some standard designs can be found out there. Like:

Design 1 – Usual One! Best for Medium and Short Length Wavy, Natural, Curly Hair

This sort of diffuser is made from plastic. It has small prongs contained in the cups. Some individuals name it bowls additionally. It has ample holes to move the warmth. The little prongs assist to make the hair curly.

The utility of these kinds of diffuser attachments principally relies on the bowl dimension. Hence, these sorts of diffusers have small bowls; it can’t include numerous hair in it. Namely, bowls should not deep. As a end result, it can’t give a lot quantity on the hair root and can’t curl up many curls, however it could heat up good curls.

medium and short length wavy natural curly hair diffuser

Therefore, individuals of quick size naturally curly hair can use this with none flaw.

Design 2 – Collapsible Hair Diffuser – Best for Short Wavy, Natural, Curly Hair

The manufacture of any such diffuser attachment is principally plastic. This sort of diffusers has a contractile high quality, which is the specialty of those add-ons. People can compress it as they need.

For this situation, this type of diffuser is usually used whereas touring. It has not a deep bowl the place the orifice is far wider and larger, round-shaped and the floor of the container is flat.

Collapsible Hair Diffuser

As a end result, it covers numerous hair however comparatively it can’t maintain as a lot as hair it covers. This is why it fails to curve up the curls and provides a lot quantity to the hair root.

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This diffuser has little prongs, and the prongs’ heads are silicon coated. Silicon coated prongs additionally stop you from having quantity in your hair root. Most of the time this diffuser can’t be heated a lot and provides outcomes shortly. It has many holes to move the warmth, however for its contractile high quality, these holes should not sufficient to move and heat-up the attachment.

Therefore, there are lots of the explanation why it takes comparatively numerous effort and time to have your work finished by utilizing any such attachment.

Design 3 – Large Bowl Hair Diffuser – Best for Long Length Wavy, Natural, Curly Hair

It is stuffed with plastic. The design of this form of diffuser is somewhat bit totally different from others. It has ample holes to move the warmth.  Its bowl is spherical similar to different diffuser add-ons, however the floor will not be flat. It is pronged on the floor of the spherical bowl.

Besides these prongs, there are few extra contained in the bowl. The bowl of this diffuser is manner wider than others and deeper as nicely. As a end result, it could cowl numerous hair, and it could maintain the identical quantity of hair inside its deep bowl.

Large Bowl Hair Diffuser

Therefore, people can get much volume in their hair root, curl up lots of curls by using this kind of diffuser and have their job finished awesomely.


Sizes of diffuser attachments of a hair dryer are mandatory as a result of diffuser add-ons of various sizes have totally different effectivity. Like-

Diffusers of larger dimension – Recommended for Long Length Curly Hair

The Large dimension of diffusers can mitigate your toil quite a bit as a result of it has a big and deeper bowl. As a end result, numerous hair might be contained in that bowl and subtle at a time. Deeper bowls additionally assist to curve up the curls extra precisely. Bigger sized diffuser attachments are extremely really helpful for these individuals who have medium and lengthy size hair. However, individuals of quick size hair can also use this diffuser add-on and get their hair properly curled.

The diffusers of Small Size – Recommended for Short Length Curly Hair for quicker end result

The small-sized diffusers can solely alleviate the labor of the individuals of quick hair to get quicker outcomes than utilizing greater sized diffuser attachments. Otherwise, it should increase the work undoubtedly as a result of small-sized diffusers have slim bowls. The depth of the bowls will not be sufficient to include numerous hair.

As a end result, it can’t give a lot quantity to the hair root and fails to curve up the curls completely. Besides these disadvantages, if individuals with medium or lengthy hair use small-sized diffuser attachment, they should be very affected person and spend many instances to have their work finished.

Universal Diffuser Attachment

All types of diffuser attachments of a hair dryer might be bought individually. Not each single diffuser is appropriate with each hair dryer. There are some diffusers accessible out there, that are appropriate with any branded hair dryer. They are referred to as common diffuser attachment.

Universal diffuser add-ons can solely be purchased severally. No hair dryer model gives a common diffuser accent for his or her hair dryer. Solano Universal Finger Softstyler Diffuser is among the hottest common diffusers available on the market.

The function you also needs to search for

From the above dialogue, which materials, expertise, and have make a hair dryer handy for the individuals who have curly hair. But there may be one other function which is able to help you to avoid wasting your hair from harm. If you discover this function within the hair dryer, it will provide you with some further advantages unquestionably.

Heat and pace settings

When we talked in regards to the wattage, we talked about the warmth/pace settings of hair dryers above. This function of a dryer could be very a lot useful for the curly hair.

Different hair dryer merchandise have totally different units of warmth/pace settings. Some have warmth and pace settings individually some don’t. Some have 3 settings and a few have 2. Whatever the set is, you may be needing this function to have management over the facility of your dryer that may save your hair from damaging significantly.

We have finished informing and explaining a very powerful elements about curly hair and hair dryer options, expertise, and supplies which are helpful for curly hair. Since it was an extended dialogue, we want to provide you with some thumb guidelines relying on our explication above by which it is possible for you to to seek out the most effective product on your curly hair relaxed within the following:

5 thumb guidelines to decide on the precise hair dryer for curly hair

  1. Material:
    • 1st Preference: Tourmaline
    • 2nd Preference: Titanium
  2. Must have the expertise:
  3. Wattage:
    • Not lower than 2000 wattage
  4. Diffuser Attachment:
    • Bowl (spherical) or hand-shaped diffuser is very most well-liked
  5. Major options:
    • At least 2 totally different warmth/pace settings

Top Hair Dryers For Curly Hair With Diffuser

For the individuals who wish to purchase a brand new hairdryer product

JOHN 2200W Professional Powerful Fast Drying Blow Dryer

JOHN 2200W Professional Powerful Fast Drying Blow Dryer

Ranking Position: 1

Our Opinion: Top Pick

Why we picked this product

JOHN is a type of producers who has not made a considerable amount of hair dryer merchandise however has made just a few superb high quality merchandise. So is Warmlife. This is why we have now in contrast two hair dryers from these two firms.

Both of the merchandise are good however in terms of recommending to the curly hair individuals, JOHN skilled dryer is the clear winner. It has the required materials which could be very a lot advantageous for curly hair. It additionally gives the right wattage of energy that’s wanted for curly hair and may save your hair from being fragile.


  • Tourmaline materials is used which makes your hair sturdy, wholesome by enabling it to forestall the excessive temperature which finally saves your hair from harm.
  • Ionic conditioning expertise is sweet for eradicating frizzes and it removes 40% of your frizzes
  • Collapsible spherical diffuser which is nice for curly hair. It provides a superb quantity of quantity to your hair, helps to keep up the feel of the curls.
  • The dryer is infused with micro conditioners which supplies you 5 instances higher safety from damaging.
  • Narrow and vast nozzles are supplied for exact air flowing
  • Provides ALCI security plug which is able to prevent from electrical hazard
  • 3 warmth and 2-speed settings and one cool shot button is supplied
  • Removable filter to maintain the dryer clear
  • Weight is 1.3 kilos
  • 9 ft lengthy wire is supplied

Infiniti Pro by Conair Advanced Brushless Motor Styling Tool / Hair Dryer

Infiniti Pro by Conair Advanced Brushless Motor Styling Tool / Hair Dryer

Ranking Position: 2

Our Opinion: 1st Runner-up

Why we picked this product

Conair has all the time been an awesome possibility for people who find themselves very acutely aware about their hair. This firm makes superb high quality merchandise similar to the 2 we talked about above.

But as we’re recommending the most effective hair dryer merchandise which are specifically made for the individuals who have curly hair, undoubtedly we have now to go for Infiniti Pro by Conair Advanced Brushless Motor Styling Tool because it equal to a 2,000-watt skilled dryer, gives the right materials dries and attachment which are useful for curly hair.

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  • Conair has used titanium materials on this hair dryer that persistently produces a excessive temperature which could be very a lot good for drying your hair amazingly
  • Brushless motor that works with a mix of electronics and magnets which supplies a 10x longer life than an AC motor dryer.
  • Ionic conditioning could be very a lot good to take away the frizzes.
  • Infrared warmth is supplied to guard the hair from harm.
  • Bowl diffuser is supplied so as to add some further volumes to your curls.
  • Patent-pending noise discount expertise is used to scale back the noise as much as 40% than different dryers
  • Concentrator nozzles are supplied to dry hair quick by flowing the hair completely
  • 3 pace and a pair of warmth settings to manage the facility
  • Cool shot button to set the coiffure
  • 7 ft lengthy wire is supplied


  • The weight of this dryer is 1.7 kilos, the place we contemplate a dryer gentle when its weight is as much as 1.5 kilos. So it isn’t a light-weight product, theoretically. Though the additional 0.2 kilos won’t trouble you in any respect.

RUSK Engineering Super Freak Professional 2000 Watt Dryer

Rusk Engineering Super Freak Professional 2000w Dryer

Ranking Position: 3

Our Opinion: 2nd Runner-up

Why we picked this mannequin

Both of the above hair dryers are good RUSK merchandise. But we have now chosen RUSK Engineering Super Freak Professional 2000 Watt Dryer as a result of it has a greater energy system of 2000 wattage. Though each of those dryers don’t present any diffuser attachment, the primary product is best than the opposite in materials and different options as nicely.


  • Ionic conditioning for frizz-less hair
  • Tourmaline materials is used to make hair shiny and more healthy by making the warmth gentler on hair
  • It emits far-infrared warmth to infiltrate hair extra deeply and get rid of frizzes whereas dry hair quick
  • 2 concentrator nozzles for correct airflow
  • Lightweight (round 1 pound)
  • 3 warmth/pace settings
  • 8 ft wire
  • Removable filter to wash the dryer


The following dryer is of 1600 wattage, however we nonetheless have chosen this product and extremely really helpful the curly hair individuals for its unique handed diffuser attachment which is the most effective out there with none doubt. Check out the opposite details about the product:

DevaCurl DevaDryer

DevaCurl DevaDryer

Ranking Position: 4

Our Opinion: Alternative Preference


  • Ionic expertise is superb for a frizz-free It additionally makes your hair shiny whereas drying it quick
  • 1 unique hand-shaped diffuser attachment is supplied. It helps to move the air in 360 levels which is a superb benefit for curly hair. It dries, provides volumes and textures in curls to the purpose.
  • 2 warmth/pace settings
  • 1 concentrator nozzle that helps to move the air very particularly
  • Lightweight, round 1.5 kilos


  • No tourmaline/titanium materials is used.

Travel-Friendly hair dryer for curly hair individuals

People typically go to locations they usually want a compact dryer prepared for taking good care of their curls. When it involves a journey hair dryer, you must overlook the thumb guidelines we talked about above to purchase a hair dryer for curly hair. It is as a result of the principle function of a journey dryer is it’s light-weight, simple storage system; its compatibility. They don’t present excessive wattage and lots of options like others however it should fulfill by its high quality service. We are recommending the next journey hair dryer which is superb for curly hair:

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

Ranking Position: 5

Our Opinion: Very Lightweight


  • Dual voltage system. You can use both a 110v or 250V setting. It could be very useful for individuals who typically journey world wide.
  • Ultra-light. The weight of the dryer is nearly 0.7 kilos.
  • Folding deal with options to retailer the dryer anyplace simply
  • Tourmaline is sweet for curly hair because it saves the hair from excessive temperature
  • Titanium is nice for drying curly hair quickly by repeatedly producing excessive warmth
  • 2 warmth/pace settings


Author’s Note

This mannequin will not be accessible proper now. So that we have now seemed for another hair dryer that could be very useful for vacationers and we have now provide you with an incredible product – “JINRI Travel Hair Dryer”. JINRI hair dryer has all the required options {that a} journey dryer wants and we’re extremely recommending this blow dryer for every type of hair.

Economic resolution for the prevailing hair dryer customers

You should purchase any of the next merchandise if you have already got any hair dryer and can’t afford to purchase a brand new one which is really helpful particularly for curly hair. All you must do is to connect the common diffuser to your dryer and begin sustaining your curls.

BestStylish Professional Universal Hair Diffuser Attachment

BestTrendy Professional Universal Hair Diffuser Attachment

Why we like this

This common diffuser attachment is a lot well-known for its universality. By utilizing this diffuser, your curls might be stunning with a ton of quantity.

This accent is for the individuals of all size (quick, medium, lengthy); naturally, curly hair and it’ll give your hair good raise off the scalp. Also, the remainder of the curls will have the ability to dry shortly with ambient air, and they’ll look nicely outlined.

This bowl diffuser might be hooked up to the dryers which have a nozzle diameter of 1.4 inches – 2.7 inches; a lot of the dryers.

DevaCurl DevaFuser Attachment

DevaCurl DevaFuser Attachment

Why we like this

This hand-shaped common diffuser attachment is a product of the distinctive design of the market and significantly appreciated for its universality. This diffuser dries from the within outward, so your ends won’t be frizzy and fried by the point your roots are dry.

It is able to including the superb quantity of volumes to your hair root and make your curls extra textured. It suits on a lot of the hair dryers as a result of it has an elastic piece across the decrease a part of the diffuser.

Therefore, it stretches to any dimension hair dryers (can match with the nozzles which have a diameter of 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches. It is the one sort of diffuser that has holes within the inside portion and has holes within the outdoors portion as nicely. This high quality could be very handy.

Final Observation

So we have now defined all about curly hair on this article. Now, the forms of curly hair, the issues that curly hair individuals face of their every day life. We have really helpful the most effective merchandise out there after hours of deep researching. But earlier than that, to get rid of your doubts and confusion, we have now defined the traits {that a} hair dryer should have to be an advantageous device for curly hair.

All of the really helpful merchandise are of very prime quality. Now, the choice is as much as you. You shouldn’t have to fret in regards to the high quality anymore, simply take a look at the comparability tables, pros, cons of the product and purchase the dryer that meets most of your needs. It will blow your hair and your thoughts as nicely.

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